Highland Mini American Shepherd 
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Maverick:  Highland's Livin on Jacks & Queens

Maverick is our pick out of Layla & Levi's 2019 litter.

Just at a year old  this boy is gonna shine.  He is a true
brother to Memphis.

Maverick is AKC Registered:

Genetic Testing Results:

DM:  Clear/Normal    HC : Clear/Normal    MDR1:  Clear/Normal     PRA:  Clear/Normal
OFA:  Hips & Elbows: to young            Eye's Certified:  Normal   
Red Factored

Raine:  Wiggle Rump Raine of Highland

Raine is our Stud.  He received his Championship with AKC
on March 31, 2018.
He is our Go To Dog.  Blue Merle with Baby Blue Eyes.
Raine is AKC Registered

Genetic Testing Results:

DM:  Clear/Normal     HC:  Normal/Normal      MDR1:  Clear/Normal     PRA:  Normal
OFA:  Hips/Elbows Good    Eye's Certified:  Normal

These Boys are part of our Breeding Program & are Not For Sale.