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Saying Goodbye:
One of the Hardest things to do:
Bailey was a Sydney's Country Legends baby, Georgia's sister.  Bailey was adopted by Linda at 9 weeks then had to undergo knee surgery, called me crying that she was going to have to have me take this sweet girl back and find her a great home.
We made arrangements for us to pick her up as Linda & I both cried.
After a week at being home Jason & Kristie were looking for a new puppy so we got together and they fell in love with Piper.  Changing her name to Bailey felt like the right thing to do.  They all fell in love with this little girl from the start.

Kristie always took Bailey for her morning walks, they had such a connection.  On September 10th they had went for their morning walk came back to clean out the kennel and Bailey took off out front and was hit by the UPS driver.  Now everyone's hearts are broken and Bailey is gone.

It stinks because this is just how fast things can happen.
My heart is Broken into so many pieces,  Ghost/Pepsi was Georgia's very first puppy born, beautiful full of life boy.  Emmanuel messaged me late Friday evening saying that Ghost had tested positive for Parvo.  I was shocked as we do not have Parvo here and hope to never encounter with the NASTY stuff.  I have heard from other Breeders/People that have had issues with it that it will clean out all your puppies at one time.

To make a long story short, we worried all weekend over his care in Sunnyside Veterinary Clinic but with no one available for us to call we had to wait for them to update Emmanuel.

Emmanuel called me Monday morning at 8:07am to tell me that Ghost had passed away.  I'm speachless, upset, mad and I'm not sure which one the most.  I have never lost a puppy in the 3 years I have been breeding.  I guess I should count myself lucky as a lot loose a puppy at the very beginning.  But now I've lost two of our Puppies in the same Month.  

This Breeders Heart is Broken!
Sept 19, 2017 - Sept 10, 2019
July 12, 2019 - Sept 30, 2019